Cardinal Place, Victoria, London SW1E

London, UK, images; wholesale and retail – shopping malls

Escalators at a shopping centre in the early hours of the morning in London, UK
Escalators at Cardinal Place in The Early Hours of the Morning

Address: Cardinal Place, 1 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JD

Nearest Underground Station: Victoria Station

More shopping centres

Victoria Place Shopping Centre, Victoria

Colonnade Walk, Buckingham Palace Road, SW1

Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre




One thought on “Cardinal Place, Victoria, London SW1E

  1. oh, i love escalators. anything to avoid stairs. I appreciate you offering these tips.

    We will spend two or three days in london, then travel by car thru the countryside, then come bk for more london sights. Those days in london is where i will need to make critical decisions on worthwhile time spent, so all your pictures are helping me narrow it down.

    It wont be til the summer of 2016 but i am sooo looking forward to it. At the present i am working on my Rome trip for this year. But it seems like my heart is more set on England already and I have created a long spreadsheet on it already. I am a student of literature and studied it at the university and hope to visit the museums of the great English (should i say “british” ?) writers!

    thank you again for your images. I am amazed at how much you get around.

    I wish you a blessed day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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