Some of the Snacks Available Opposite Big Ben, London

Connections to/from Westminster Underground Station

London, UK, images; Some of the Snacks Available on Westminster Bridge Opposite Big Ben

Nutella and Cream ¤ Fresh Strawberries and Cream ¤ Fresh Strawberries and Nutella ¤ Fresh Strawberries and Honey ¤ Fresh Banana and Cream ¤ Fresh Banana and Nutella ¤ Fresh Banana and Honey ¤ £ 3.99 Selection: Apple and Cream ¤ Strawberry Jam and Cream ¤ Maple Syrup and Sugar ¤ Rasberry Jam and Cream ¤ Lemon and Sugar ¤ Butter and Sugar ¤ Pizza; Ham, Cheese and Tomato Sauce £ 5.95 ¤ The Londoner; Ham, Cheese and Mushroom £ 5.50 ¤ Veggies Delight; Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes and Mushrooms £ 5.50 ¤ Classics £ 4.50; Cheese and Ham, Cheese and Mushrooms, Ham and Fresh Tomatoes, Cheese and Fresh Tomatoes; Extra Toppings £ 1 ¤ Soft Drinks £ 1.99 ¤ some of the hot drinks available: Coffee, Expresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Soup also available; Regular £ 1.99, Large £ 2.50

Catering for tourists on Westminster Bridge in London, UK
Catering for Tourists on Westminster Bridge, London

Shopping in London: Colonnade Walk, Buckingham Palace Road



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