Charles Dickens Worshipped in This Church: St George the Martyr

St George the Martyr church in London, UK
St George the Martyr Church

London, UK, images; places of worship, churches

Address and postcode: St George the MartyrBorough High Street, London SE1 1JA

Nearest public transport: Borough Station

St George, a Roman soldier of rank who is famous for having slain the dragon of falsehood and deceit, was martyred for persevering in the truth, in an era when Christianity was unwanted by the authorities and strongly discouraged. His martyr’s death under the emperor Diocletian ought to inspire all Christians, particularly today, as the by far largest group of people persecuted for their faith worldwide is Christian in this day and age; moreover and additionally,  aggressive secularism is becoming a major threat to Christian freedom of speech and expression in the western world.

St George the Martyr Church
St George the Martyr Church

St George the Martyr Church features the baroque classical style, 18th century, and is built on a much older church site. Charles Dickens worshipped in this church, some of the place names in the vicinity commemorate this fact: Pickwick Street, Little Dorrit Court, Little Dorrit Park, Dorrit Street

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