Mappin House, London W1W

Miniature Home Office in London

London, UK, images; commercial properties – Fitzrovia


Mappin House, 4 Winsley Street, London W1

Nearest Underground Stations: Oxford Circus StationTottenham Court Road Station

Around Mappin House

Popular pubs: The Jack Horner

Popular pubs: The Rising Sun

Public information map: “Things to do”, “Culture”, “Shopping”

Mass times, St Patrick’s R.C. Church, Soho

More properties

32 Parkside, Knightsbridge (City of Westminster)



Bus route 349 from Stamford Hill to Ponders End, London, UK

One of the guns used on D-Day on display in London

London, UK, images; public transport


Underground, Overground, National Rail, bus stops; bus route 349

Bus route 349: Stamford Hill – South Tottenham Station – Seven Sisters Station – Bruce Grove Station – White Hart Lane Station – Upper Edmonton, Angel Corner – Edmonton Green – Ponders End

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What bus/coach takes me to Stanstead Airport?

All day bus routes incl. 24-hour service to Holborn (from a public information point)

Bus connections to/from King’s Cross Station

Magee Street, London SE11

London, UK, images; streets – South East London


Postcode: Magee Street, Kennington, London SE11

Nearby streets: Kennington Park Road, Kennington Road, Kennington Lane, Kennington Oval, Harleyford Street, Harleyford Road, Brixton Road, Bowling Green

Nearby places: Kia Oval (The Oval Cricket Ground), Alverstone House, Lockwood House, Kennington Park

Nearest Underground Stations: Oval StationVauxhall Station

Around Magee Street

Popular pubs: The Three Stags, Kennington Road

Public map and street finder Kennington/Oval

A map of the Kennington Park Estate



A detail of Bow Flyover, London E3

London, UK, images; business and advertising


An advertisement structure next to Bow Flyover, Tower Hamlets, on the way to Stratford. During the London Olympics 2012, Bow Flyover was an ideal spot for large-scale advertising.

More advertising

Ghost signs: Our Sons Menswear, Brixton

Cheaper than Aldi? British off-licence’s “cheeky” advertisement campaign

An outdated telephone box advertisement

My Old Dutch, High Holborn, London WC1V

A “last look” at the building soon to be demolished?

London, UK, images; pubs and restaurants – Holborn


My Old Dutch, 131-132 High Holborn, London WC1V 6PS

Pancake Cafe with Dutch ambience serving sweet and savoury pancakes, cheese platters and chips with mayonnaise

Nearest Underground Station: Holborn Station

“Upmarket” breakfast: Bill’s Restaurant

Espresso A La Carte

Ivory Arch Indian Restaurant

St Katharine Docks, London E1

London, UK, images; River Thames

St Katharine Docks, 50 St Katharine’s Way, Tower Hamlets, London E1W 1LA

The Thames at Katharine Docks, London
The Thames at St Katharine Docks, London

St Katharine Docks, situated on the north bank of River Thames in London, next to Tower Bridge, were formerly part of the trade to and from London via the Thames. They are now a leisure development incorporating dining and retail.

Public transport

Bus route 100 from Elephant & Castle via St Katharine Docks to Shadwell Station

Around St Katharine Docks

Where to find “Full English breakfast overlooking Tower Bridge” in London?

The irrefutable evidence that even today, children can’t wait to view historical landmarks

An intriguing find at the Tower of London

Bus Stop London Bridge Station, London SE1

The “Wobbly Bridge” over the Thames in London

Mentioned in Charles’ Dickens’ writings: The George Inn, Borough High Street

London, UK, images; public transport

Public transport in London: Bus routes to/from London Bridge Station
Public Transport in London 

Bus Routes to/from London Bridge Station:

Bus route 47, 343, 381, RV1; night bus routes N47, N381; Golden Tours Hop-On Hop-Off.

Still the tallest building in Europe: The Shard, London Bridge